Climate for All is an ambitious project aimed at developing innovative educational games to enhance the skills of young adults and youth workers in sustainability and climate action. By promoting cooperation among European NGOs, municipalities, and schools, the project seeks to create a positive impact on both the environment and the target groups involved.

From 2023 to 2026, various types of games will be developed, catering to the GreenComp framework and targeting young people across Europe and beyond. A significant component of this project focuses on training facilitators to use these games effectively, as a form of social entrepreneurship, ultimately expanding the project’s reach to a global scale.

You can check an overview of the project’s timeline below.

Sep-Dec 2023

Mapping and Research

Our project begins with building a database of existing games related to sustainability. The games can be of various types and developed by different stakeholders.

Here we will also identify specific gaps in the existing relevant games after play-testing, revealing the priorities to focus on the next phase, when developing our own games, aligned to GreenComp, the European sustainability competence framework.

Game Development

The prototypes of our games will be developed in this phase, following a relevant training. Our prototypes will be further developed to “beta versions”, within several iterations of playtesting and subsequently improving the games based on the feedback gathered during playtesting.

The finalised versions of our games, preliminary facilitation guides, and related additional features will be featured on this website by summer 2024.

Jan-Jun 2024

Jul-Dec 2024

Training and Multiplying

External facilitators will be trained to facilitate our games to their target groups, also helping to tweak our facilitation guidelines to their final form with their feedback. The finalised toolkit for facilitators, along with all related training material will be hosted on Cities of Learning, a territory-based web platform that enables cities and regions to create unique learning pathways for their youth using interactive maps, online learning playlists and digital Open Badges.

Our multiplier events will also be kickstarted in this phase, with 10 events hosted by our partner organisations and 10 additional events hosted by external organisations and informal groups, supported by our team, multiplying the impact of the project by reaching a wider audience and promoting the use of the games beyond the partner organisations.

Dissemination and Closing

In the final phase, we aim to disseminate the outcomes of the project to a wider audience and promote the use of the games beyond the initial scope of the project. We will do this by promoting the developed games and guidelines in external conferences and relevant events, writing articles and coordinating a social media campaign, and topping it off with a closing conference in Brussels!

Oct 2024 - Jun 2026